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Sister Marie Keyrouz Meditations

Eastern Meditations

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Eastern Meditations

More we learn how to affect the reality of our being by the beautiful and the sacred, more we offer to our human being, the privilege to live the infinite spirituality which lives in our interior and is at the origin of any thing.

A prayer of Jesus Christ, one philosopher's reflection or mystic poetry, these meditations, are chosen and sung to switch on a candle on the way of human being, in its pilgrimage towards its interior.

Jew, Christian or Muslim; monk, believer, or antagonist, the human being, is for the indefatigable research for the meaning of his existence and for the deepest zone of his soul where there is only consonance, harmony, freedom and peace.

These meditations find their inspiration in the Aramaic, Byzantine, Syriac and Maronite traditional liturgies, as well as in the micro-intervals of classical oriental music and the colors which it uses to support the sacred text.

The Musicians, soloists are active participants in these prayers, as much as when they accompany the song, as when they improvise, echoing the voice as it abandons itself humanly, spiritually and technically to the performance.†

May we, through the grace of these meditations, cause human being to meet with the divine and be allowed melt into the mystery of the silence and the eternal peace of God ?

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