Sister Marie Keyrouz - Biography

For a number of years, Sister Marie Keyrouz has been numbered among the greatest voices capturing the attention of audiences in both the west and the east. A rare gift flows through her veins! Her faith, sensitivity, musical expertise and intuition have made of her: “the Fervour of Sacred Song”, “the Voice of Ecstasy”, “the Thrill of Mysticism”… In the presence of art as clear in its transcendent beauty, as in its soothing secrets, you are caught, mesmerised by the pure undulating waves of a voice that comes from deep within to be lifted high into the beyond .

Marie Bio Sister Marie Keyrouz

Sister Marie Keyrouz offers her voice, her entire self and her art in the service of the Divine Word and her mission as a nun. She often says, "When you sing, you pray twice", repeating what Saint Basil had said, in her own words.

Lebanese by birth, from a catholic Maronite family, belonging to a Byzantine Melkite congregation, sister Marie also sings the ancient music of the West (Ambrosian, Milan and Gregorian). Also the classical sacred repertoire (Bach, Handel, Mozart etc ...).

At the crossroads of religions, her records have met with international success and have brought her several invitations to sing from all over the world, turning her into the Messenger of Peace, the Light of Holy Music, and the Mysterious sacred Voice of the East.

Sister Marie Keyrouz, notably has also become the guardian of the crossroads of Religion, Science and Art. She is a Doctor in Religious Anthropology and Musicology at the Sorbonne (Paris), holds a diploma in further studies in science and religion, is the founding president of the “International Institute of Sacred Song” (l’Institut International de Chant Sacré) in Paris, and has a degree in Western Classical Song and another in Oriental Classical Song.

A nun, a qualified musicologist, anthropologist and singer, she is able to harmonize art with science, and creativity with authenticity with an amazing skill She does not consider her voice and her art as tools and a job, but as a bridge between mankind and God. She does not in any way seek aesthetic sentiment, which despite the oriental character of her repertoire tends to dominate in the minds of the public as much as with the critics. She seeks even less to present an illustration of her musical studies and knowledge but rather the simple power of emotion, and the simple sharing of enthusiasm. Her voice is fervour, and a sharing of that fervour, ardour, and the communication of Ardour.

Since 1984, she has been appearing regularly in concerts along with her "Ensemble for Peace", a name that clearly illustrates her desire for tolerance, universality and ecumenism.

In a time where many are the attempts to try and create a fusion of the West and the East, creating an artificial paradise of lands and of people that are profoundly different, and endeavours that do not amount to much from one side or the other, Sister Marie brings the conviction that with song, there is no barrier. Convinced that ignorance and poverty are at the root of social breakdown and wars, she has chosen to use the profits from her records and concerts to help with the education of disadvantaged children through her Foundation "Children for peace".

If Sister Marie Keyrouz has become the Grande Dame of Christian singing, perhaps because in her view, singing offers the only opportunity to express a truth that would otherwise be left unheard. Whoever listens, hears, loves and prays twice.