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Sister Marie Keyrouz Maroun

Maroun - (Single)

6.90 ˆ

Maroun – Single La Takhaf (don't worry).

Music : S?ur Marie KEYROUZ
Symphonic Orchestration : Olivier LLIBOUTRY

In this year of faith 2012-2013, this hymn « la takhaf » (don't worry), composed, Interpreted in arabic by Sister Marie Keyrouz and put in symphonic orchestration by Olivier LLiboutry is a generous invitation to share a moment of hope and a sincere homage to St.Maroun, and every Human being persecuted for its faith, its identity and its freedom.

Saint Maroun was a 5th century Syriac Christian monk who after his death was followed by a religious Christian movement that became known as the Maronites.

He was known for his missionary work, miraculous healing and teachings of Christian dogma. He was a priest that later became a hermit.

An appeal to the opening and to the respect for others.

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