A Voice for Peace
DVD 120 minutes

60 minutes Extracts from concerts






Soeur Marie Keyrouz- Folklore,

She sings in prayer and she prays in singing. Others sing to entertain in this image-minded world with its folly but she connects with the Divine and that is why her words penetrate our hearts to the core so deeply, and here there is no room for reasoning or philosophizing but we simply fall on our knees with tears of joy and humility on our faces. If we only have this faith
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Soeur Keyrouz - Anti Ya Walidat Allah

Here voice rings like cristal ... and has smoothness and strengh that she can gives notes higher level ...unbelievable .

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Soeur Keyrouz - Al Rabbou

We need more and more of these. They smash the hardness of our hearts and we get the "heart of flesh" restored back to us. We need this badly. Millions of thanks and lots of love.

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